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Blackbird Wisteria Headdress by Kambriel ~ w/ Feathered Crow and Black Lace Tendrils ~ Vintage One of a Kind Designer Original!

This dramatically elegant, completely one of a kind vintage Wisteria headdress by Kambriel provides a crowning glory of magical couture! Woven upon an antique black velvet and netted base is a plethora of vintage ivy leaves and wisteria blossoms, complete with a charming feathered blackbird perched upon the leaves, and long tattered black lace tendrils draping down either side to gracefully frame the face. I hope whoever gets this has an absolutely magical time wearing it, whether it's to rule over your enchanted realm, attend a woodland wedding, cast a spell, decadently loung upon your favourite velvet chaise, or perhaps simply head out to do a touch of gothic gardening by moonlight.

Blackbird Wisteria Headdress ~ $195



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