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This full length (53"), high collared priest cassock is made from a superior quality crushed or regular velvet. The fitted cassock has deep arm cuffs extending from the forearm to wrist (can also be made without cuffs), and features inverted pleating for a flared fullness from center back waistline to lower hem. Center front is closed with antiqued silver filigree or matching black fabric buttons Size is based on chest measurements from 36"-42". Please include chest size when ordering.

Click here to see a back view of the Cassock's pleating.

Priest Cassock
in velvet (crushed or plain) - $350
in cotton - $235
in wool - $325

You may inquire to have the Priest Cassock made in an XS or XL size, or customized length. Please email with a chest and/or length (from nape of neck to desired lower hem) measurement prior to ordering for a custom sizing quote.




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