Visions from the private reception for the "Gothic: Dark Glamour"
exhibit opening, for Fashion Week in New York City

Thanks to each and every one of you through the years that played some part in making this come to life.

Click on preview images to view the full-sized pictures.

photo of Kambriel by Curse

Museum placard for the Midnight Bustle

Museum placard for the Isabella Coatdress

Kambriel with her exhibited designs as part of the
"Cult of Mourning" in the background.
photo by Curse

Amidst a violet sky of silhouetted ravens...
photo of Kambriel by Curse

Curator Valerie Steele invited Kambriel to bring her models to lend atmosphere to the opening. Shown here: Mathew, Ashbet, Kambriel, Kat, Anastasia, JV, Badriya, and Jola - photo by Curse

Curse in action ~ photographing Madame Kat, Kambriel, and Ashbet in the ever-changing mirrored wall in the "Batcave" part of the exhibit!

Kambriel, Kat, JV, Badriya, and Jola - photo by Curse

One vignette down from Kambriel's pieces ~ the original Mina Harker gown from Francis Ford Coppola's "Dracula" - photo by Curse

Another vision in crimson ~ Tatiana in a metallic red Suspiria Gown
photo by Kambriel

Kambriel in her silk "Enchanted Forest" outfit created especially for the exhibit opening!
photo by Curse

Jola, modelling her velvet Mirella Top, Lace Filigree Cape and Skirt
photo by Kambriel

Dyed silk resembling blood on water ~ inspired by Japanese horror films; from Rodarte - photo by Curse

A startlingly beautiful piece from Alexander McQueen's "Voss" collection from 2001
photo by Curse

At the entrance to the exhibit
photo of Kambriel by Curse

A design from Alexander McQueen's collection, inspired by the Salem Witch Trials. - photo by Curse

We were invited by Simon Costin (a talented visionary who's worked with Alexander McQueen for Givenchy) to attend his afterparty at a private arts club in NYC following the exhibit! - photo by Ashbet

Click here to view our original announcement of the exhibit,
as well as links to some of the international press the event received!



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