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Velvet Bodice

This sleeveless bodice, with a plunging square neckline, was made from rescued antique black Victorian velvet. The cut of this design would be most flattering on someone with a larger bust, and small (or corseted) waist. Even though the top was not yet finished, Laura had already sewn all of the black faceted buttons on with silver thread, and when the top is opened, you can see that they were sewn on in a curved fashion. I am guessing this was to custom fit the design to Laura's own waist. I will leave them positioned as is, but you could choose to reposition them to suit your own needs if desired. The chest measures approx. 39", the waist approx. 30" as is, and the overall length from shoulder to lower hem is 22" in the front, and 25"in the back.

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