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Abyss Patchwork Scarf by Kambriel - One of a Kind Wearable Art made w/200 pieces - Brand New & Ready to Ship!

This darkly whimsical zero-waste patchwork scarf by Kambriel is completely one of a kind & measures approximately 8 1/2" wide x 61" long. It is handmade from a combination of 200 individual pieces of all black fabrics featuring soft black velvet and gleaming satin, vintage cotton knit, linen, rayon, bengaline, and more! The lining is a coordinating patchwork of black wool. You could use this one of a kind scarf as a decorative table runner accent or altar cloth when it's not being worn, as well as make for a charming gift.


Abyss Patchwork Scarf ~ $95







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