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Noire Decadence Patchwork Scarf by Kambriel - One of a Kind Wearable Art made w/200 pieces - Brand New & Ready to Ship!

This darkly elegant patchwork shawl by Kambriel is completely one of a kind & measures approximately 6" wide x 58" long, or approx. 63" long including the vintage hand-cut lace accents at the lower hems. It is handmade from a combination of 200 individual pieces of fabric in an array of black with the occasional subtle touch of cobwebby grey, featuring soft black velvets and gleaming satins, cobwebby vintage cotton, cozy wool, and more! The lining also features an all-black coordinating patchwork. You could use this one of a kind scarf as a decorative table runner accent or altar cloth when it's not being worn, as well as make for a charming gift...


Noire Decadence Patchwork Scarf ~ Sold







© Kambriel - All Rights Reserved.© Kambriel - All Rights Reserved.






















































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