~ A gallery of images from our C10 fashion show in Chicago where we were honoured to be the grand finale ~

Please feel free to share more photos with us if you have them, and what we're really
looking for is someone who filmed the show so we can have a version to share of it "in action"!

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Jordan, Sarah, Kambriel, and Tatiana

Jordan in her "Chauve-Souris" bat choker, sculpted headdress and one of a kind Water Fairy Gown, with web-like sequined sleeves and bodice overlay.

Latemodel muses on a "rather odd couple from Herts..." in his embroidered and sequined Kimono.

Sarah cooling herself off with a spiderweb fan draped with tendrils of antique pearls.

Lisa Feuer in her Bat Hat decorated with century-old velvet roses, vintage pearls and faceted black chandelier crystals.

"A lady born under a curse..."

Tatiana behind a velvet hat veiled in fine mesh, heavily beaded in tones of black and silver.

Scary Lady Sarah in fluid metallics.

In shades of black orchid.

Close-up of sequined sash, draping pearls and matching velvet gloves.

Latemodel and our lovely flapper girl Lisa.

Kambriel and Curse bringing out the oversized Gorey Urn!

Right after Jordan snatched Tony's mustache to use as an embellishment on her hat!

Lisa has used her spiderweb fan to fracture the wrist of a virile young man :)

Kambriel in a design based on the Water Fairy Gown, made with elaborate three dimensional embroidered vines and flowers!

A group shot of our models backstage, after the show!

Tatiana is wearing a glowing custom "Aspic Dress", with sculpted silver snake-plant leaves growing outwards from the fitted bodice!

Tatiana wails from behind her veil, "Things do not get better, but worse"!

Jordan in a shimmering one of a kind Water Fairy Gown.

Jordan in a one of a kind organically sculpted hat, and filigree bat choker designed as part of Kambriel's "Chauve-Souris" line in Paris.

Scary Lady Sarah in a one of a kind, custom fitted precious metal Dracula's Bride Gown lined in gleaming silk!

Lisa in an adaptation of our 1920's style LuLu Dress, made in ivy embossed stretch velvet, with shimmering violet bat details and pearls!

Another view of Sarah with her horned headpiece and one of a kind specially fitted >Dracula's Bride Gown!

Latemodel in a custom Kimono and extra-long, flowing black Theda Skirt.

Conjured spirits...
the Kambriel entourage!

Tony in a custom silk brocade Kimono Jacket and black Aramis Shirt.


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