Awarded by the readers of Morbid Outlook ezine. Thank you so much!

Mick Mercer ~ 21st Century Goth: "Magnificence at every turn. This is my favourite classic goth clothing site, for those who prefer their elegance subtly understated, or ornate."

Dark Realms Magazine: It comes as no surprise that you are involved in the Dark Glamour exhibit in New York. You are the epitome of independent gothic fashion. Your designs are the best, and you've opened the doors for all the others that followed in your footsteps.

Dianna ~ Starkers!: "I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the Triple Tiered Velvet Skirt, it is by far my favorite piece of clothing. It is great to have something that is so comfortable and looks so elegant, and it goes with everything!"

Natalia ~ - I absolutely ~love~ my garments. I wear my Long Lace Vest almost every day. And the Gothic Nightdress is perfect, lovely... Everybody says I look like a doll with it. :) I have ordered things from other on-line stores, and I received nothing but junk... Thank you so much for having such a beautiful catalogue, with clothes that are *really* beautiful when we see them live. :)

Aimee ~ Hello, I just wanted to say how much I loved my wedding gown you made for me. It really fit perfectly for our dark Victorian theme. The driver of our vintage rolls kept gushing about it and said that he has driven a lot of brides with beautiful dresses, but they tend to be fairly standard in their style and my dress was something really unique. My mom was especially impressed with the one of a kind veil you created. It looked lovely and also held up well and stayed together despite the high winds and rain we had that day (our entire reception had to be run on a backup generator). I plan to use the dress again for Victorian events, but will preserve the veil as a memento and possibly for a future daughter/granddaughter to use.

Lisa ~ Oh, my goodness. How absolutely, hauntingly beautiful. I am already thinking of when and where I can wear this ethereal vision again, after the wedding. What a wonderful surprise to come home to ~ I just love my wedding dress. It is perfectly, perfectly gorgeous. What a magnificent creation! My fiance loved it, too, and my littlest cat, Phoebe, was thrilled with the clouds of flowing fabric. It was so late when I opened the box that I just folded it back up and put it back in the box after we looked at it, and Phoebe climbed into the box and fell asleep on top of the dress. Phoebe is very sensitive, and she only sleeps where she feels absolute safety. Her reaction to the dress is as much a vote of confidence in you as is your very fine work in creating this ensemble. Thank you so much! I could not be happier...

Jacqueline ~ I received my package on Friday and everything is breathtaking! I am wearing the Gomez Jacket as I write this... Please let me know when you have anything new coming out.  I can honestly say this is the only place were everything is *great*, and the cape is even better than I imagined it!

Natalie ~ I received the (Wisteria) dress and the (Sorcerer's) bag yesterday.  I am just blown away at how beautiful the dress is. The color of the silk is absolutely amazing. My boyfriend took one look at me in the dress and stated that I should be running barefoot through a foggy forest. He said that it is very dream-like. I'd have to agree! On that note, I just wanted to let you know that I carried the purse to a club last night. I received so many compliments and comments on it, I felt like a walking advertisement for Kambriel! I plan on wearing the dress to the club tonight ~ I can't wait to see what happens!

Helen ~ Dear Kambriel, I finally picked up my parcel last Friday. I made sure the whole experience would be magical, so I put on some favourite music, lit a wonderful candle that smells of wood-smoke, and opened a little bottle of champagne. Your parcel was a complete delight! The frills and lace of the (Parisian) bustle seemed to float out of the parcel on their own! Then out came the Striped Bustle Jacket and I lay that on the bed as I reached for the (Mirella) little wrap top. My room looked like a saucy Tissot painting! So I got dressed in it all and added the little hat I had made to go with it, and was VERY pleased with the effect. It looks wonderful with my black and white spotted corset, and my parasol, and it all fits so well! I am really delighted! Thank you!

Lisa Feuer ~ I recently received my order for the Priest Cassock in _less_ than the promised delivery time. The workmanship is great! The lining, the stitching, the buttons... everything is wonderful. I have been wearing it all over Manhattan and received many compliments, even from mundies... Curse and Kambriel are very sweet folks, and their prices are very reasonable, especially compared to the places I have been in Manhattan so far (ouch!). IMHO, they are very worthy of your support...

Barri ~ I just wanted to let you know that the Gorey evening bag arrived today and it is absolutely the most beautiful bag I have ever seen!  Wow, it is absolutely stunning! And being the total Edward Gorey fan that I am, it is just perfect! I love it! :) And so beautifully packaged, too, I love the potpourri and of course the little bats!:)

Christianna ~ Mephisto Walz: "The hood is just lovely... the fabrics and design are perfect and it compliments many capes and coats that I have. I shall get much use out of it."

Elizabeth: "Thank you for the beautiful cloak! I wore it out last Saturday night and got many, many compliments on it. My friends were amazed with the quality and the price!! The next time I need some great new clothes I know who to contact first! Keep up the fabulous work and add another *very* satisfied customer to your list."

Tony ~ I received my order, and am stunned by the quality and material used! Many thanks for the wonderful Midnight Jacket and Borgia Shirt... they fit nicely and look stunning!

Seraphim: "I cannot express the joy that washed over me when I pulled out the exquisite cape and veil. They are truly treasured."

Carol ~ Angels of Venice: "I received my Draculean Bride Gown and I love it! It's so dramatic and made me feel great when I put it on."

Christina de Melo ~ Among The Ruins: "Such a high standard of quality, in both merchandise and presentation is quite rare these days..."

Spectre: "Creators Curse and Kambriel deliver clothing that is at once atmospheric as well as shrouded, bringing pieces of dark aged antiquity to life once more. Truly, their works make one feel as if they have been swept back in time..."

Lara Haynes ~ not dead, but dreaming: "This catalogue of gothic clothing and accessories is an awesome aesthetic undertaking in itself. The photographs are artistically suited to the fashion which they showcase, coming across from print to eye like stills from a Victorian era set horror film... a lovely collection."

Kim Traub: "The care that you take in creating a truly haunting mood captured my imagination and haunted my spirit."

Malevola: "This is the most beautiful catalog of gothic clothing that I have ever seen. A very decadent and high quality production! Curse's photography is haunting and beautiful and you can actually see the clothes. Items are very reasonably priced and they even do custom orders."

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