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"Music in their Hands and Magic in their Eyes" by Kambriel
- an essay & fashion feature published in Enchanted Living Magazine's
"Gothic" Issue #61
-Winter 2022

“You Can Take the Witch Out of Salem, But You Can't Take Salem Out of the Witch”
- an essay by Kambriel published in Enchanted Living Magazine's
"Vintage Witch" Issue #60
- Fall 2022

Neil Gaiman press appearances for Netflix Series The Sandman

Neil Gaiman talks about the new trailer premiered at 2022 San Diego Comic-Con for The Sandman Netflix series for Vanity Fair's YouTube channel, wearing one of his custom jackets by Kambriel. Vanity Fair, Jul 23



Visual Alchemy: A Witch's Guide to Sigils, Art & Magic
Kambriel is featured in Laura Tempest Zakroff's latest book - October 2022

The Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected Fiction
Neil wears a custom jacket by Kambriel for his book's cover - October 2020





“Nightshade Is Growing Like Weeds”
The New York Times

Article on the art and influence of Edward Gorey, featuring Kambriel, Neil Gaiman, Daniel Handler, and Tim Burton - March 2011

“Couture: Tempests In a Tea-Pot” Steamcon II
A charming write-up on Kambriel in event dispatch for Steamcon (Seattle, Washington) - November 2010

“Kambriel” in Tome Volume One: Vampirism
Kambriel interviewed by the legendary Neil Gaiman for this crowdfunded art book - 2013

Neil Gaiman at the premiere of American Gods
Neil wears a bespoke Kambriel jacket on the red carpet, 2017
February 1, 2011 - Kambriel named Alt Fashion's 2010 Best International Designer!


Montefiore's Goddaughter
Fantasy fiction book cover with Kambriel in the Red Dracula's Bride Gown, photo by VisioLuxus - 2012

The Art of Asking: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help
Amanda Palmer's publisher requested to use a portrait taken by Kambriel for the cover of the Japanese version of her book - 2016

“The Killing Type” - The Grand Theft Art Companion
Kambriel was among the artists commissioned to create art inspired by Amanda Palmer's famous crowdfunded album "Theatre is Evil" - 2012

Jack the Ripper: The Forgotten Victims
Kambriel and VisioLuxus team up once again for another stunning book cover - 2014

Ode to Color: The Ten Essential Palettes for Living and Design
Kambriel's "Veiled Bride" photo from the set of the Spine fashion film (2010) by BriAnna Olson, was requested to illustrate the chapter on "Night Shadows" in a book on color theory for interior design - 2016

“Momento Mori” - Cemetery Gates: Death and Mourning Through the Ages
Kambriel's designs were used to illustrate a chapter on mourning clothing - 2011

The View from the Cheap Seats
Neil Gaiman wearing a custom Kambriel jacket on the book cover, describing his experience at the Academy Awards when "Coraline" was nominated for Best Animated Feature - 2016

Time Magazine Website

A custom commission by Kambriel is featured
in an article on Harry Potter conventions.

China Shop Magazine
Interview and photos

Kambriel interview by artist/journalist Molly Crabapple
China Shop "Artstar" feature.





March 29, 2006 ~ Kambriel Wins the Gothic Beauty Designer of the Year Award!

The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Ontario)
Article "Mourning Glory", illustrated with an iconic Kambriel design to coincide with "Gothic: dark glamour" fashion exhibit at the Museum at FIT - September 25, 2008.

Alive! “Halloween queen” (Columbus, Ohio)
Acid Poptart in a custom gown by Kambriel featured on cover of Halloween issue of Alive! - October 30, 2008.

The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, FL)
Kambriel with friends in an article on gothic fashion and culture at Convergence 14 - August 10, 2008

Gothic: dark glamour
Kambriel interviewed by Valerie Steele for the gorgeous book that accompanied the Gothic: dark glamour exhibit at the Museum at FIT - 2008

Embracing The Darkness:
Understanding Dark Subcultures

Kambriel was interviewed for a chapter on Goth Fashion - 2005

21st Century Goth
Kambriel is featured as one of Mick Mercer's
favorite classic Gothic clothing websites - 2002

Paint It Black
Voltaire personally chose Kambriel's Midnight Bustle Ensemble
 for model Lilah to wear on his book cover - 2005

Boston Globe Magazine

Kambriel bespoke Gorey Bat dress photographed for Animal Rescue League's Moonlight Ball, featured in "The Clothes We Wear".

Dark Realms - Issue 31
Fashion Spotlight in Dark Realms!

Dark Realms Magazine (USA) features a lushly illustrated pictorial of Kambriel's designs.

Elegy - Issue 38
Midnight ensemble on the cover!

Elegy magazine (FRANCE)  issue #38. Kambriel's  design work is featured on both the front cover, as well as an article within. Other featured artists in this issue include: Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, etc...!

Gothic Beauty - Issue 18
Three page interview with the designer!

Gothic Beauty magazine (USA) issue #18 features an interview with designer Kambriel.

Gothic Beauty - Issue 17
Special Feature on Men's Fashion
Gothic Beauty magazine (USA) issue #17 featuring the best of men's gothic fashion, including Kambriel's designs.

Gothic Beauty - Issue 16
Beauty Feature with Kambriel model Lilah

Gothic Beauty magazine (USA) issue #16 beauty feature with model Lilah in Kambriel's timeless Midnight Bustle design.

Gothic Beauty - Issue 15
Kambriel Crystal Palace ensemble on front cover
The front cover of Gothic Beauty Magazine (USA) issue #15 features model Jillian Ann wearing Kambriel's luminous silver neo-Victorian Crystal Palace Ensemble.

Dark Realms Issue 9
"Kambriel in Paris"

Elegantly illustrated feature article in Dark Realms Magazine (USA) on designer Kambriel in Paris, France.

The Sentimentalist (Volume III Issue X)
"Nouveau Parisienne"

Accompanying historical text from 1911, this fashion pictorial showcases Kambriel alongside inspirational Parisian Art Nouveau architecture.
Also found in this issue is Kambriel's article on the Edward Gorey House.

Tear Issue 4
"Betwixt Today and Timelessness"

Artistic fashion editorial showcase alongside an interview with Kambriel.

The Sentimentalist(Vol II Issue VIII)
"Diva Primavera"

Fashion editorial featuring one of a kind ethereal gowns and millinery  by Kambriel ~ this time all in spectral white.

The Sentimentalist(Vol II Issue VI)
"The Aesthetic Dress of the Pre-Raphaelites"

Kambriel's musings on the artistic fashions of the pre-Raphaelite era, accompanied by bespoke pre-Raphaelite inspired gowns made from lustrous woven silks and jewelry by Parrish Relics.





Hex Files: the goth bible
Kambriel was selected by Mick Mercer
as one of the best USA websites for gothic clothing - 1996

Designer feature written by Monica Richards
of Faith & the Muse.




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