Here you have a chance to see our creations in a new light...
- being enjoyed by the people they're made for!

Andi in the Medea Tunic and velvet Waterfall Skirt by Kambriel, vamping up as her best doppelganger version of Nadja from "What We Do In The Shadows". 2020

Summer in The Machine in the Garden video for "Cold Storm", wearing her custom neo-Victorian Shadow Puppets bustle jacket by Kambriel. 2020

The hauntingly lovely Trillian Stars in her Blackbird Queen bodice and Gloria di Notte skirt by Kambriel. Photo by Kyle Cassidy. 2019

Another "book jacket"! Neil is wearing one of his favourite blacker-than-black Kambriel jackets on the cover of "The Neil Gaiman Reader" ~ a book of selected fiction. William Morrow & Co - 2020

Blackbird Queen bodice and Gloria di Notte skirt by Kambriel on the elegant & hauntingly lovely Trillian Stars. Photo by Kyle Cassidy. 2019

Neil Gaiman in his bespoke brocade coat by Kambriel, alongside the glorious angel/demon duo of Michael Sheen and David Tennant at a Good Omens pop-up event in London, with art by Lorna May. 2019

Neil Gaiman wearing his custom made wool Kambriel jacket on The Big Bang Theory (because they let him dress as himself ;)). 2018

The adorable Andi in her one of a kind Cirque Macabre patchwork skirt by Kambriel. 2019

Neil braves the winter weather in a custom Great Coat by Kambriel.

Neil Gaiman wore his Kambriel jacket, originally made for him to wear to the Academy Awards, for the cover of his book of selected nonfiction, "The View From the Cheap Seats". Kambriel is even mentioned in the title story (but for the record, Kambriel was & is far happier to simply create pieces that Neil can be comfortable in and continue to wear in his daily life, than just for the Oscars' red carpet.) Harper Collins - 2017

Neil Gaiman in a bespoke black brocade Kambriel coat at the Starz premiere for American Gods, alongside Bryan Fuller & Michael Green. 2017

Neil relaxes in one of his custom jackets. Photo by Kyle Cassidy

Author Neil Gaiman enjoys an evening out in a custom striped wool and black velvet Kambriel jacket especially made for him. Boston - 2010

Neil Gaiman in his custom designed jacket by Kambriel. Photo: BBC

Visionary storyteller  Neil Gaiman in his custom made black wool Kambriel "Posh Frock" and coordinating Waistcoat on the Academy Awards red carpet celebrating the Oscar nomation for "Coraline".  Los Angeles, CA ~ March 2010

The wickedly charming Molly Crabapple surrounded by some of her vivid illustrations whilst wearing a Chantilly Lace Ruff made with a gathered ruffle of authentic French black lace dating back to the Victorian era.
NYC, NY - 2011

Nadya Lev revels in the decadent romance of Venice in her Midnight Bustle Ensemble with Viona.
Italy - circa 2007

Kambriel with Neil Gaiman while he eases into his brand new black velvet frock coat personally delivered that evening.
NYC,  NY - October 2010

Summer from The Machine in the Garden in a promo shot for their latest release in a customized striped Isabella Coatdress.  Austin, TX - July 2011

Amanda Palmer onstage in Paris in the Firebird Gown by Kambriel. Photo by Gabrielle Motola 2017

Artist and author, Countess Cynthia Von Buhler reclines regally in her silver lace Ice Queen Crown and La Plume choker.

Amanda Palmer, Queen of the Outback in front of the legendary Imperial Theatre wearing a black and white striped Cheongsam inspired dress custom made for her by Kambriel. Australia - February 2010

Amanda Palmer performing in the Firebird Gown by Kambriel at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Photo by Patric Carver 2017

Queen of the punk cabaret, Amanda Palmer wearing her Stormy Weather Dress at the Boston Pop's New Year's Eve extravaganza ~ December 31, 2009 - January 1, 2010

Portraits of the darkly decadent Australian author Tara Moss wearing her black brocade Midnight Bustle Ensemble in commemoration of the Halloween 2010 release of her novel "The Blood Countess". 

Amanda's wearing her Cabaret Bustle Jacket with an indignantly saucy, skirtless twist... photo by Gregory Yomikata. Circa 2007

Amanda Palmer in her Czarina Coat, which was made from two sets of vintage curtains, performing in Moscow ~ August 2009

Kyle Cassidy in his Romeo's Distress Lace Cuffs. Philadelphia ~ August 2009

Information Society wearing specially commissioned custom wool overcoats by Kambriel in the style of the stark black dystopian look of the villains in the film "Dark City". Philadelphia, PA - January 5, 2008

Monica Richards enraptures the audience whilst wearing the Autumn Leaves silk Kimono. Photo by Sieloj Ramiakas, Lithuania ~ 2007.  Click here to view our full Faith and the Muse gallery showcasing some of the many designs Kambriel has created for this band for more than a decade!

Self-portrait of Amanda Palmer wearing a jacket custom made for her from two sets of antique curtains! From Amanda: "My made-of-two-drapes Kambriel coat has been the toast of New York all week." New York City ~ February 2008

Comedienne Margaret Cho receiving her Intrepid Award, with NOW Membership Vice President Terry O'Neill. From Margaret ~ "I wore the red dress at a big DC NOW awards dinner - it was the dress of the event!"

Margaret Cho in her custom made Kambriel pre-Raphaelite gown made from red embossed velvet, with gold trim and amber beadwork! From Margaret: "Thank you so much. it is got to be the most beautiful dress ever. Can I have another one, possibly in a violet/blue/purple... I love the red gown so much, i am going to wear it for my wedding too. It is marvelous. Thank you!!!"

At the National Museum of Women in the Arts honoring women who embody the definition of "Intrepid" - resolutely courageous, fearless and bold." Washington, D.C. ~ July 2003

Gothic Beauty editor Ruby Holiday in a custom Kambriel "Black Orchid" gown worn at the 2007 Phoenix Parade Fashion Show.

Trillian Stars ~ winner of the award for "Best Dressed" at the Hugo Awards wearing a one of a kind futuristic geisha ensemble by Kambriel.   Photo by Kyle Cassidy.  Montreal, Canada ~ August 2009

Ariel of "Offbeat Bride" celebrates Halloween in her Cabaret Bustle Jacket. Seattle, WA ~ 2008

Velocity reclines in her ivory Dracula Bride Gown for a Vulgaras photoshoot. March 2009

Skerry vamping it up a custom Venetian Slipdress in Wisteria silk. New Orleans ~ 2004

Aimee and Tom on their wedding day, with Aimee in a custom ivory brocade Midnight Bustle Ensemble and Rappaccini's Daughter Veil.

Vavara in her custom commissioned ivory silk Isabella Coatdress, accented with pewter bat buttons. Florida, USA - 2008.

Lisa at the Vampire Masquerade Ball wearing her custom Cabaret Bustle Jacket and coordinating Flared Skirt. Portland, OR ~ March 2009

Amanda Palmer takes the stage in her one a kind Kambriel Czarina Coat. Moscow, Russia ~ August 2009

Henry Lien of the Glass Garage Gallery wearing a steampunk interpretation of his wool Opiate Jacket, alongside painter Margo Selski in her Midnight Bustle Ensemble, and Dream Rockwell ~ founder of the Lucent Dossier. Hollywood, CA ~ May 21, 2008.

Emily Ovenden of the Mediaeval Baebes in the "Sarah" video for her band Pythia ~ wearing the Midnight Bustle Ensemble. UK ~ 2008

We were commissioned by an advertising agency to create this one of a kind Grim Reaper hooded cloak to be used in an ad for Boeri skateboards. It was made with highly textured, hand-woven black monks cloth and an overlay of hand-tattered and dyed cheesecloth. Boston, MA ~ Circa mid-late 1990's

Perhaps our favourite customer photoshoot! Tanya confronts her doppelganger wearing the "Garden Ghost" lace gown in opposite colours ~ perfect as she'd ordered one in ivory and one in black! San Diego, CA ~ 2006

Jola the pre-Raphaelite stunner in a custom silk brocade, velvet and charmeuse Medea Gown. Chicago, IL ~ November 2008

Acid PopTart graces the cover of "Alive" magazine as the "Queen of Halloween" in her Voodoo Baby character wearing a custom Kambriel Gown! Columbus, OH ~ October 2008

Brandy in her one of a kind "Blue Aspic Gown" ~ perfect for this Edward Gorey themed charity event! Photo by Circle 23. June 2009

Ivan and his lovely bride at their U.K. wedding in October of 2007. Ivan is wearing the Brocade Frock Coat.

Carolina in her Crystal Palace Ensemble made from custom black bengaline. Portland, OR ~ May 25, 2007

Das Gift in a variety of Kambriel designs, including the Potionmaster Jacket, Priest Cassock, Aramis Shirt, and various Waistcoats. March 2009

Andi on the shores of Whitby for WGW in April of 2008 wearing her georgette Demonia Blouse and Theda Skirt

A splendid wedding in Montreal in October of 2008 with Myra wearing her custom black silk dupioni Midnight Bustle Ensemble accompanied by her charming groom in a bengaline Potionmaster Jacket.

Amy attends an Edward Gorey themed charity event in her devilishly charming Striped Isabella Coatdress. Photo by Circle 23 ~ June 2009

Lisa on her wedding day in May 2009, wearing an Isabella Coatdress while her husband-to-be wears the Brocade Frock Coat.

October 2005, with Bràndon in his Potionmaster Jacket.

Batty wearing the Demonia Blouse and Theda Skirt ensemble in flowing black georgette. Houston, TX ~ 2006

Alyssa looks like she just stepped into a painting, wearing her Scylla Bustle Skirt. May 2007

Summer in her "Shadow Puppets Jacket" performing onstage in 2005 with her band The Machine in the Garden.

Monica Richards enchanting the audience at a Faith and the Muse concert in Europe, wearing her custom created Evidence gown with Waterfall flounces & train!

Emma in her custom Suspiria Gown ~ ready for the Dark Masquerade Ball. Oxford, UK ~ 2007

Mikaela in a custom red silk chiffon Dracula's Bride Gown performing onstage with her band Curse. at Alchemy in NYC on July 16, 2001

Another magical view of Mikaela onstage in her Dracula's Bride Gown.

Traci displays a rather tempting way to wear our black georgette Demonia Gown.
Boston, MA ~ 1998

Bari-Bari of "Mephisto Walz" wearing a custom Shaman Jacket, accented with raven claws and feathers, at the 2003 Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig Germany.

Eric "Doc" Hammer of Mors Syphilitica and Venture Brothers onstage wearing the waistcoat and pants from a custom made three-piece Victorian Sacque Suit. New York City ~ 2002

The one and only... Lady Hypnotist in her lined crushed velvet Hooded Cape. Circa 2000

Evil Eye Bellydance troupe in 2007, dancing in their custom ivory Fairy Cobweb Skirts.

Miss Gothic Massachusetts 2004 ~ draped in one of our Fabric Boas made from chiffon, spiderweb lace, and organza! Photo by Patrick Fitzgerald.

Jola reclining decadently in her customized ghostly white spiderweb lace Theda Gown. Chicago, IL ~ 2003

Margaret Cho vamping it up at a 2004 fashion show in Los Angeles in the ivory georgette Lily Dress!

Michael at the 2003 Gothic Miss Massachusetts pageant in his Gomez Jacket.

Ronda of Dragonfly Designs in her Shadowen Blouse posing for a period style photo shoot in Salem, OR ~ June 2002.

This adorable sketch by Emily, shows her velvet Mirella Top and Absinthe skirt! Anchorage, Alaska ~ 2004

Andrea wears her Shadowen Blouse as a dress in Bern, Switzerland ~ circa 1997.

Michael Riddick of "The Soil Bleeds Black" in his Flounce Shirt and Priest Cassock.

Wedding ensemble with bridesmaids in custom Enchantment Overdresses and Petticoats. The Groom wears a Gorey Jacket, Flounce Shirt,and matching Pants, and groomsmen who wore velvet Midnight Jackets, velvet pants, and Flounce Shirts. Circa 1998.

A romantic view of Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls as photographed in France by Gregory Yomikata while wearing Kambriel's Cabaret Bustle Jacket design!

Jola on her wedding day in Chicago, IL in 2001 wearing an ivory "angel brocade" customized Opiate Jacket, and ruffled Victorian walking skirt (not shown in photo). Read her review of the outfit.

Skerry in her crimson silk Dracula's Bride Gown and Venetian Slipdress. Photo by Dark Moon photography. October 2004 ~ New Orleans, LA.

Regina looking like a goddess in her custom made 1920's Erte-inspired, art deco white organza veil and silver silk charmeuse gown. Salem, MA ~ October 2000.

Serenova looking devilishly sweet in her lined Ballet Skirt. England ~ Circa 1998.

The exquisite Lisa Webb in her black georgette Demonia Gown with lace trimmed sleeves. Toronto, Canada.

Emily wearing a customized Priest Cassock, made from crushed velvet, with a matching hood. Anchorage, Alaska ~ December 2004.

Newlyweds in New Orleans! The beautiful bride is wearing her Crystal Palace Ensemble.

It was an honour to make the bridegroom's Brocade Frock Coat for this romantic wedding in a sumptuous Italian palace.

The groom in his Brocade Frock Coat, along with his stunning bride, strolling the ancient streets of Florence, Italy in March 2005.

"I have received my Moiré Parisian Bustle Skirt
& hoop skirt today and I cannot begin to
express both my immense satisfaction and my eternal gratitude. The skirt is so beautiful, and is exactly as pictured on your site. The craftsmanship is phenomenal...
it is my wedding skirt for October 31st! I tried it on and it fits to a tee; the hoop skirt adds just the right amount of "flow"
to the skirt itself. When I am asked about 'what's a good place for gothic clothing' I will certainly say, "GO TO KAMBRIEL.COM!"
Thank you, thank you, thank you...a million times over. Misty"

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