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19th Century Extravaganza
Brooklyn, NY - April 29th 2012

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Salon Noir
Toronto, Ontario - September 4th 2011

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SteamCon II
Seattle, WA - November 20th & 21st 2010

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Convergence 14
Ybor City, FL - August 8th 2008

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The Moonlight Ball
Boston, MA - October 20th 2007

Please click on the image below to view photos from the event along with more information about this
exquisite benefit event held for the Animal Rescue League!:


The Phoenix Parade
Portland, OR - May 25, 2007

We had the honour of putting on a magical all-volunteer group fashion show in two parts
which was open to the public and free for all to celebrate our 13th anniversary!

  Click here to see a selection of photos from the show!


Black Sun Fest
New Haven, CT - August 2005

Below are some of the designs Kambriel showcased in the first annual Black Sun Fest:


Convergence X
Chicago May 9, 2004

Kambriel was one of seven selected designers invited to participate in the fashion show at Convergence 10 in Chicago to celebrate it's 10th year - Appropriate since it's our 10th anniversary as well since the beginning of Atrocities back in 1994!
The fashion show was a perfect grand finale for the weekend's festivities.

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  Vampires & Victims Ball
Salem, Mass ~ October 29, 2003

We were asked by Mistress Tracy of the Salem Vampires & Victims Ball to create a special fashion show for the Resurrection of the Ball after a year's hiatus. Among our lovely models, we showcased members of the talented dance troupe Snappy Dance Theater. Our Vampire Ball fashion show was based on a song called "Buried Alive", so you can imagine the scenario...

  Ceremony "Night of Fashion"
Boston ~ December 16, 2002

  Sudbury Newcomers
Weston, Massachusetts ~ 2002

We are very pleased to have been featured in a lunchtime fashion show at the Sudbury Newcomers 10th Annual
Fashion Show at the Henderson house in Weston - a magnificent old Estate house!

Our Luxurious Venue

  Reverie Anniversary
Boston ~ 2002

The Decadent Priest

Shimmering Silver

At the personal request of the proprietors of Reverie ~ a bi-monthly affair based on a Parisian lounge night,
Kambriel displayed stunning new fashions in an array of nocturnal black and silver to a maximum capacity crowd!

  Dark Harvest Festival
Boston ~ 2001

Silver Mesh Theda Gown

Theda Gown & Kimono

Arachne Shroud
& Venetian Slipdress

At the infamous ManRay club in Cambridge, Mass., Kambriel showcased the Arachne Shroud, Theda Gown,
and other one of a kind creations alongside the underground's best known companies.
Kambriel's designs stood out with their dramatic impact!

  Convergence 7 ~ Absinthe
New York City ~ August 2001

A Vignette of our stunning models Models lounging in the Absinthe outfits immediately after the show!

Given the theme of the time era surrounding the height of popularity for the magical elixir Absinthe, Kambriel explored more than just the common Victorian theme! Gathering inspiration from the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites, the exoticism of the Orient, and the illustrations of Mucha, Erte, and Gorey, Kambriel enthralled anxious onlookers with her divine ensembles.

  Boston Fashion Week ~ Arabesque

Drawing inspiration from the opulence of the Arabian Nights and the Silent Screen Vamps, Kambriel designed an entire line of garments dripping in folklore and dramatic accents. Due to the horrific events, and heightened sensitivities following September 11, 2001, this fashion show was unfortunately postponed, but Kambriel promises to keep working on it for a future show.

  Vampire & Victims Ball
Salem, Mass ~ October 2000

After a grand show at the Salem Vampire Ball in 1996 which was aired on the Discover Channel, Kambriel returned to the Ball by popular request! Her signature style left the audience in awe as capes, gowns, and veils swept the stage in a funeral procession inspired by an Edward Gorey Puppet show... In this tale, it is the Vampire who awakens the lovely bride from her death sleep!

  Out of the Blue Gallery Anniversary
Cambridge, MA ~ April 8, 1999

The audience at the famed Middle East Club was caught rather off-guard by our fashion show
which was more of a mystic ritual, than a catwalk promenade ~ thanks to these magical ladies!

  Danse Macabre 2
Cambridge, MA ~ September 5, 1998

We'll have to find better photos of this one!

  Convergence 2
Boston ~ August 11, 1996

Our premiere, self-choreographed vignette style fashion show!  With our theme "The Night", we had swirls of vampires, bats and witches ~ all waiting to descend upon our victim.

  Clive Barker's "Lord of Illusions" Premiere
Denver ~ 1995
(Unfortunately, no photos from this show...)



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