~ A gallery of images from Convergence 14 in Tampa & Ybor City, FL ~

This page features backstage photos from the fashion show we did Friday August 8, 2008 in Ybor City, FL.
One of the most off-the-wall and fun shows we've done, it was performed with zombified models doing the limbo
to Harry Belafonte's "Day-O: The Banana Boat Song"! Video and stage shots are forthcoming...

Click on preview images to view the full-sized images.

Front Row: Curse, Cat, Jola
Back Row: Kambriel, Time, Spider, Gala, Andi
photo courtesy the Tampa Bay Times

What if Marie Antoinette became a pirate?
photo of Kambriel by Curse

Tim, Cat, Spider, Kambriel, Gala, Andi, Jola - photo by Curse

Kambriel - photo by Curse

Andi, Gala, Curse, Spider - photo by Kambriel

Cat, Andi, Jola, Kambriel backstage - photo by Curse

Andi & Spider - photo by Kambriel

Gala, Spider, Andi ~ backstage - photo by Kambriel

Awaiting makeup in her sleeveless Cabaret Bustle Jacket and matching bloomers.
photo of Andi by Kambriel

Kambriel - photo by Curse

Jola ~ vamping it up in a
customized Medea Tunic
and Scylla Skirt - photo by Kambriel

Jola - photo by Kambriel

Kambriel - photo by Curse

Kambriel - photo by Curse

Click here to view photos from Sunday at Convergence 14!




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