~ Kambriel Fashion Show at Salon Noir in Toronto ~


Something exciting about this show, besides it being the first time we'd done an event with the amazing Laura since Serpent Circle in NYC oh... something like *12* years ago,
is that my longtime friend Dianna (the amazing corsetiere from Starkers!) and I, after years of saying we should pair some of our designs up at some point, were able to
match up my outfits with her corsets. I can't say enough just how natural of a fit this was for us, and the designs (even considering last second pairings!) went so very well together,
and I look forward to future collaborations with both Laura *and* Dianna again in the future...


Elana in black & crimson:


Backstage, shortly before the start of the show ~ all lined up and ready to go!


The blur of this photo probably most accurately captures the feeling of backstage ~ a quiet storm of crinoline and lace, ribbons, brocade and silk...


Dianna, as effortlessly beautiful as she is kind and talented!


Mr. Curse... in his striped charmeuse Bastian Shirt, Ascot and Abyss Waistcoat:


Curse & the exquisite Madame Lisa Webb, who I was so happy to see again after far too many years since we'd last crossed paths in Salem:


Beware of Jackie ~ far more charming than any circus ringmaster:


The elegant Lisa backstage, in a dragon themed geisha top, silk brocade corset, and velvet waterfall skirt:


Alice as a perfect silent screen era Theda Bara Vamp:


A full view of Alice's outfit with a shimmering black dress cinched in with a patent corset and tasselled bolero made from reclaimed ethereal vintage passamenterie:


A relaxed moment before the show. Shocking!




Perhaps the Gothfia does exist? ;)


Waiting to take the stage...


Dianna, Lisa, and Elana ~ post show :)

Post-show group shot:


Thank you so very much to Laura for inviting me to show in her decadent fin de siecle for a new siecle event, Dianna for being such a good friend, as well as for the exquisite corsets
and Alice, Lisa, Jackie, Curse, Karen, Elana, and Craig for being such elegant, whimsical, graceful and fearless models... Each of you added so much to the show with your own personalities and individual charm ~ it truly wouldn't have been the same without any one of you!

I hope you enjoyed this photo journey... video from the show itself should be forthcoming,
~ Kambriel





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