This page features a selection of the items that were left unfinished at the time of Laura's death. Some items were in the very beginning stages of being cut out, while others were partially sewn. Each design has been faithfully completed, adding pieces when something was missing, and figuring out the puzzles along the way. Occassionally, there will be small anomalies in the design such as a crush in the velvet due to how they had been stored, or evidence of a different kind of stitch that Laura made. These are all part of the special nature and history of these items.

All proceeds from these designs will go towards paying down the costs for "The Pale Court" memorial.
This memorial, featuring some of Laura's most exquisite designs photographed overseas amidst the ancient, mystical places in the U.K. that Laura had always wanted to travel to, will be published in the upcoming issue of "Gothic Beauty" ~ a magazine Laura planned to have her designs featured within.

These items are the last of their kind, and one of Laura's signature woven labels has been sewn into each piece of clothing.

Please click on the pictures below for detailed descriptions and larger images.

For a pictorial review of the tribute fashion show Kambriel did for The Pale Court, please click here.

Two "The Pale Court" memorial designs are currently being offered. 

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Gallery of items which have found their new homes:

Titania Gown

Princess Gown

Red Velvet Tailcoat

Ivory Velvet Gown

Velvet Frock Coat

Velvet & Brocade Frock Coat

Wine Velvet Top

Embroidered Chiffon Top

Purple Georgette Top

Victorian Corselet

Wine Bodice

Lily Brocade Cincher

Brocade Bodice

Rose Brocade Bodice

Velvet Bodice

Rosegarden Skirt

Rosegarden Jacket

Rosegarden Bodice

Brocade Doublet

Velvet Jacket

Purple & Black Velvet Top

Fleur de Lis Purse

Thorned Rose Top

Countess Choker

Satin Bodice

River Fairy Dress

White Poet Shirt

Wine Georgette Gown

Wine Poet Shirt

Elizabeth Gown
"To that high Capital, where kingly Death
Keeps his Pale Court in beauty and decay,
He came; and bought, with price of purest breath,
A grave among the eternal.--Come away!
Haste, while the vault of blue Italian day
Is yet his fitting charnel-roof! While still
He lies, as if in dewy sleep he lay;
Awake him not! Surely he takes his fill
Of deep and liquid rest, forgetful of all ill."

Percy Shelley - "Adonais"

Learn more about Laura's personal art and designs at:

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